Step 1: Wallet

Mobile Wallet, Web Wallet or install TIDE QT wallet , create wallet address

======= Wallet =======

Web Wallet 

Mobile Wallet

QT Wallet

Tidecoin Bootstrap(blocks) file) (Tar.gz file)
1. Run the window explorer.
2. C:\ Choose.
3. Enter %appdata% in the address window
4. Enter the Tidecoin folder.
5. Remove files in the blocks folder.
5. Decompress.
6. Copy the decompressed file to the blocks folder.
That's it's

QT Wallet
After downloading, unzip and run tidecoin-qt.exe in bin folder

Copy the wallet address as shown in the picture below.

Step 2: Mining

Mining program and mining execution

Because a lot of malware  uses the same executables to cryptojack, antivirus programs treat most mining libraries as malicious.
You need permission to perform this action” on antivirus programs

Download cpuminer from website

Download the compressed file, unzip it into a suitable folder and enter the folder.

You need to edit the batch file.

(1) Click the miner-tidecoin.bat file (not a double click. Click!)

(2) Right-click and edit

(3) When you enter the edit screen (you can open it with a notepad).

After saving, run miner-tidecoin.bat to start mining.

When this DOS screen appears, mining has started.

Example of batch file (miner-tidecoin.bat)



"%~dp0"cpuminer-sse2.exe -a yespowerTIDE -o stratum+tcps:// -u My Wallet Address

goto start



"%~dp0"sugarmaker-intel.exe -a YespowerTIDE -o stratum+tcp:// -u My Wallet Address.MyRigName

goto start


  • Cpuminer-Opt-Rplant NOT SUPPORT

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe –disable-gpu –algorithm yespowertide –pool –wallet TN1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx –password c=TDC

Mining Pools